Kirklees hotel loses its licence after child grooming – now police plans to visit every hotel to highlight the signs

Every hotel in Kirklees will be visited by police as part of a crackdown into child sexual exploitation.

It comes after councillors revoked the licence for the Alder House Hotel in Batley , where teenage girls were plied with alcohol and drugs and sexually assaulted and raped.

Two men were jailed for the offences in March. The licensing action was delayed until the conclusion of the court proceedings so it didn’t prejudice the case.

While the manager, Nazir Hussain, was not involved in any sexual exploitation, police said bad practices at the hotel allowed it to happen there.

Kirklees councillors Mumtaz Hussain, Steve Hall and Tony Brice yesterday decided to back the police’s request to revoke the hotel’s premises licence.

It means they cannot sell alcohol or provide entertainment, but the Alder House Hotel can continue to operate as a B&B.

The decision was welcomed by Superintendent Ged McManus, who said: “We are pleased that the panel has supported the application.

“What it means for Kirklees now is that from next week we will be visiting every hotel and licensed premises in Kirklees and having a conversation with the managers about their responsibilities and providing information that will help them fulfil their obligations.

“We don’t want any other premises in Kirklees ending up in the same position as the Alder House Hotel.

“The most important thing is to protect young people.”

It was in 2011 when vulnerable girls were drugged and raped on more than on occasion at the hotel.

Shazad Rehman, 30, was jailed for 18-and-half years and Bilal Hussain, 23, was jailed for 17-and-a-half years.

The hotel’s owner said he did not know the men and was unaware it was happening.

Councillors questioned why the defendants names were written on the manual booking ledger in pencil and then rubbed off afterwards.

Solicitor Paul Normandale, for Mr Hussain, said his client was not responsible for it as he could not read or write.

Clr Steve Hall asked how, if Mr Hussain could not read, he managed to find out where he lived, as he had visited him the night before the licence hearing.

The hotel owner had also approached Clr Hussain, but both councillors turned them away to avoid a conflict.

Mr Normandale said his client’s son had read the details.

Pc Richard Woodhead said regarding the pencil bookings: “Whether this was to cover up the actions of predatory males or to deprive HMRC we do not know.”

He added: “They say this was an historical event, but in the last 12 months we’ve 16 incident logs relating to the Alder House Hotel including two breaches of the peace, one hate crime, one theft and one allegation of rape on an adult female.”

Mr Normandale said his clients had transformed the hotel since the allegations came to light.

“My clients take on board the very serious matters raised by this conviction.

“This situation is based on one conviction of incidents in 2011.”

Nadeem Hussain, the son of Nazir Hussain, said the “despicable crimes had opened mine and my father’s eyes.”

He added that he was “sick and tired of the hotel being associated with paedophiles”.

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