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Emily Hays PhotoThe chair of the city’s Republican Party issued a plea for New Haveners to step up and run for office in order to give voters alternatives in November.

The party currently has one confirmed candidate for office, Ward 26 alder hopeful Joshua Van Hoesen. (Click here to read a previous story and watch a radio interview about his candidacy.)

Unless the Green Party fields candidates or independents emerge, that leaves 29 other alder seats unchallenged in the November general election …

not to mention the mayor’s office …

… the Board of Education’s elected seats …

… and the city/town clerk.

The only local office (or New Haven state legislative office for that matter) not held by a Democrat is the position of Republican registrar of voters — which by law must be held by a Republican, even if no one other than the candidate votes for her.

The candidate-seeking plea from the Republican town chair, John Carlson, went out to New Haveners to help him fill those empty ballot slots regardless of their current party registrations.

“The ‘new’ New Haven Republicans are ACTIVELY looking for candidates for just about ALL races,” Carlson stated.

“They say democracy dies in darkness.  We need to turn the lights on in New Haven.”

He held out the option of the party cross-endorsing other candidates in addition to fielding its own.

“The vast majority of alders need to go and the mayor has not lived up to his campaign promises.  To quote one of his opponents, ‘he may be in over his head.’  Crime, taxes, and unemployment are all up under his watch.  Certainly not what a mayor should be going three for three in.  Overall,  our elected Democrat officials defy the city’s charter, either because they are inept, ignorant of the rules, or they just don’t care,” Carlson argued.

“We may not have the roar of the lion, but we will no longer be a church mouse.  This election, we will be heard and nothing is off the table.”

Interested parties can reach Carlson here. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to read and watch a previous interview with Carlson about his efforts to revive the party.

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posted by: Patricia Kane on June 25, 2021  6:20pm

As Chair of the New Haven Green Party, let me join with GOP Chair in Carlson in saying I agree with him that we need more candidates and more parties, Ranked Choice Voting and everything that will make voting easier.
At the local level people can apply to serve on Boards and Commissions by filling out an application at City Hall.
To run for Alder, if you are in a party that doesn’t have a ballot line, you simply have petitions signed by 1{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672} of the vote total for that Ward in the previous election. For instance, in my Ward 13, 1{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672} = 4 votes.
The process is obviously controlled top to bottom by Dems, so getting the correct information and having forms processed is not as smooth as it is for the incumbents.
Still, the grass roots still count and too many Alders go without any challenge for years.
Despite the Democracy Fund, running for higher office still favors the wealthy and/ or well connected.
As for the Congressional level, you have to be a millionaire it seems to serve. Certainly the costs of running for election are huge and beyond the average person.
The process is designed to protect incumbents and the wealthy and that is how it works.
We could have free media time and an expanded version of the Democracy Fund to open the process to the masses.
CT didn’t even approve a study of Ranked Choice Voting in this last session, which tells you how the politicians view it.
The Green Party has been soliciting people to run as well, but it takes an estimated 20 hours a week for constituent service and committee and Board meetings. That’s a lot for working people.
Nonetheless, it you want to make change happen, start at the local level.
Contact the New Haven Green Party at its Facebook page for mo
re information.

posted by: wesunidad on June 26, 2021  10:37am

There is only one party in the United States and that’s the Corporate Party.

The Corporate Party runs using these false names – the Republican Party, the Democratic Party (ha-ha) and the Tea Party.  Actually, we might now be able to add the Fascist Party w/ trump at the head of that.

Candidates and office holders of the three major parties slurp from the same trough where the capitalists throw their cash.  The big donors being the Mercers, Rupert Murdock and the Koch Brothers and others too numerous to mention.

Just check the websites Open Secrets to find out where the Representatives of these parties get some of their money.  So much of what they get is hidden in deals and not published, with the coveted deals being with the arms manufacturers.

The local war profiteer is Rosa DeLauro who takes money from at least 10 arms manufacturers.  On the national scene, I’ve found the biggest war profiteer to be little Adam Schiff.  Both Democrats of course!

You can’t blame them since 48{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672} of the total outlay of our Federal Budget goes to the military.  So, based on that fact (from the War Resister’s League figures) the total is 21{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672} paying for past military debt and 27{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672} based on current military expenditures.

Most elected officials on the national level spend approximately 70{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672} of their time raising money. 

However, there is an alternative to the Corporate party and that’s the U.S. Green Party.  Other smaller parties include the newly formed national party – the People’s Party (mostly made up of Bernie’s supporters) and Our Revolution – that doesn’t seem that organized at this time.

I have been a member of the Green Party for decades and the reason is that I agree with it’s basic principles and it does not take money from the corporations.  As with most parties outside the Corporate parties, it struggles.  So? 

Last Fall, the Green Party ran Justin Paglino against Rosa DeLauro.  Justin is an MD whose main issue is Medicare for All.

No wonder he didn’t win!

posted by: wesunidad on June 27, 2021  8:28pm

06511…do you really think there is a Republican Party?  I’m not picking that up from the corporate news outlets.

It appears to me that the so called Republicans are kind of expecting us to wait while they lick trump’s boots and then they will return to the Republican party of old.  I could be wrong.  But, it appears as though they Republican party is over because they don’t do anything.  So why vote for them?

And, why does it matter if there is a Republican party? 

The last thee Republican President’s main accomplishments were tax breaks for the rich.  Reagan moved the tax rate from 70{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672} down to 50{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672}, W moved it to around 30{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672} if I’m not mistaken, and trump moved it down to nothing.

So, what has the Republican party give us working people?

Nothing or close to nothing?

Both dominate political parties are one.  They are the worker bees of the Corporations who run this country.

ALEC – the American Legislative Council – made up of Corporate elites like Walmart write our laws to their liking, photocopy them and then distribute them to the States.  There was once a comparison of a piece of legislation from several States and they all came from ALEC and their wording was identical!

Even now, the Republicans are doing just about the same thing – copying the voting cutbacks list and sending them onto the next State with Republican leadership.  The Republicans even have people who go and teach other States how to stop Black people from voting.

If this kind of crap was going on in another country we’d have it all over the corporate news.

Wearing Adult Pampers and a girdle, the big liar is starting to sound a little stale with his big lie.

He lost so that makes him a loser, but he’s very dangerous and if the Republican party can’t do anything but lick his boots, what can they do?

I get it when 45 says the election was stolen.  It was stolen because Black people voted in unprecedented
numbers and helped us White people get rid of him.  And, we can do it again.

posted by: wesunidad on June 28, 2021  7:48am

vote Republican…A party that does not prioritize profits (as the Republican Party does) over people is the U.S. Green Party.  The Green Party it’s an alternative to the Trump Republican Party.

Some of the basic principles of the U.S. Green Party are…

“The success of a society cannot be measured by narrow economic indicators, but should take account of factors affecting the quality of life for all people: personal freedom, social equity, health, happiness and human fulfilment.”

“The Green Party is a party of social and environmental justice, which supports a radical transformation of society for the benefit of all, and for the planet as a whole.”

“Every person, in this and future generations, should be entitled to basic material security as of right.”

“Our actions should take account of the well-being of other nations, other species, and future generations. We should not pursue our well-being to the detriment of theirs.”

“A healthy society is based on voluntary co-operation between empowered individuals in a democratic society, free from discrimination whether based on race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, social origin or any other prejudice.”

“We emphasise democratic participation and accountability by ensuring that decisions are taken at the closest practical level to those affected by them.”

“We look for non-violent solutions to conflict situations, which take into account the interests of minorities and future generations in order to achieve lasting settlements.”

“We understand that the threats to economic, social and environmental wellbeing are part of the same problem, and recognize that solving one of these crises cannot be achieved without solving the others.”

“Humankind depends on the diversity of the natural world for its existence. We do not believe that other species are expendable.”

What I believe is that the Green Party would not support the overthrow of the U.S. government to save the ego of a Republican toxic maniac.

posted by: wesunidad on June 28, 2021  2:23pm


Why should you be sorry that you believe the principles that the majority of Americans believe, myself included?

I’m grateful to know that there are people out there like YOU!  So, thank you very much!

What I don’t believe is in having a leader appropriately nicked-named the Pussy Grabber in Chief.

A leader who orders the police to “Shoot ‘Em!” meaning those protesting for BLM.

I don’t appreciate a bigot who stands in front of a church in Adult Pampers and a girdle holding up a bible when he hasn’t read or understands the Constitution.

I can live without a the so-called leader of our country pushing people around at an international meeting to get in front so he can be seen having attended a meeting.  Wow!

Learning how to write is important.  When this past so-called leader signed a bit of legislation and did a show and tell with his sharpie pen signature, my neck cracked from the double take.  DeSantis wanted to be like him and does this too.  I think their Mothers taught them well!

I would prefer someone beyond the mental age of 5 to point us in the right direction when it comes to where our country should go, instead of a so-called business man sending foreign dignitaries to his properties, jacking up the prices to stay there and then billing the U.S. government (us).

BevHills730, what I can’t understand is someone who would actually call themselves a Republican!
Have they no sense of shame?

But, probably we should have been ready for some of these characters like Reagan, Sarah Palin, Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, Stephen Miller, Ivanka and Jared, Jared Kushner’s criminal Father and above all Mitch McConnell, and Marjorie Taylor Greene.  Oh yes, and Matt Gaetz who tried to belittle an outstanding military General.

I’m a Green, but I so appreciate the leadership we now have.  They are the right people at the right time and let’s face it, trump brought us Joe Biden and so many who share the values of the majority of the American people.

posted by: wesunidad on June 28, 2021  5:41pm

Joshua Van Hoesen…I agree with Attorney Kane about the wisdom for working for and making local change.  Indeed, that seems to be the only way to put a finger in the dike for awhile.  I say for awhile because under capitalism almost all local gains have to be refought eventually.

Here capitalism calls the shots. Local wins will pass away over time and local citizens will have to start the fight all over again.  I’m referring to human rights won via Roe v Wade…and the Voting Rights Act that was gutted a few years back. 

The other way is to go to Cuba and talk to real Cubans – to see socialism first hand.  Go and see what the capitalists don’t want you to see.  Once you have, you will understand a few of the features of socialism – like that being a millionair/billionaire is outlawed.

You will be able to rent a car and drive around the country freely (we did) and talk to people – to see how people, even in small villages carry themselves.

You might get invited into people’s homes and there you can hear their complaints about socialism and how they wouldn’t change to capitalism for anything!

Racism is against the law in Cuba.  Does it happen sometimes?  Of course, but it’s the law of the land. 

Justin Paglino MD ran on Medicare for All.  What’s wrong with that?

The only thing wrong with that is that it’s the profit motive in the capitalist system that blocks Americans from having anything like Medicare for All.

Was it Timothy Snyder who said, “Illness for the many, for the profits for the few.”?

We can march forever, however, until local candidates organize and do something like go to Cuba to talk to real Cubans about how socialism raises everybody up and talk about it here we’re like mushrooms.

We need a new system that doesn’t prioritize profits over the welfare of its citizens and that system is NOT capitalism. 

When you think about the ways the capitalists use the word Communists or Socialists in a negative way, doesn’t it make you wonder why?

posted by: wesunidad on June 29, 2021  7:00am

Joshua VanHoesen,

Tucker Carlson a spokesperson for your party – the Republican Party – on tv called the top military General of our country a STUPID PIG.

Given that over half of the R. Party watch trump and are to my way of thinking gullible, what do you have to say about that? 

And, please don’t respond with how nice the local R. Party is! 

As the editorial in “The Washington Post” asked, “If a member of the Squad said what tucker carlson said, the rest of FOX would be all over it!”

Unfortunately, as a member of the Republican Party (and I wish there was a Republican Party) you are infected with the trump virus.  Liz Cheney is infected too.  And, even though several Republicans at the top have some moral values, the “Buck Stops” at the top and right now, the top is trump.

The leaders of your party up the line, bow down to trump.  The leaders of your party! 

Does that mean something to you?  Obviously it doesn’t because you would have left the party.

From what you said in this column, your intentions seem honest.  BUT.

What is the point at which you step away from people who are spokespeople for the R. Party calling General Milley a Stupid Pig on a nationwide tv show?

You say you don’t support things like insurrections, etc., well put your money where your mouth is.

To me, you are not an honest person, saying one thing and yet, doing another – standing by your party – the Republican Party composed at the top of fascists or fascist apologists.

There are other parties and one can’t help but wonder why your loyalties lie with a party that is no longer a political party, but a cult of personalty – trump.

If trump were Fidel Castro, this column would be burning up.

As the saying goes, “It’s not what they say, but what they DO!”

Is that okay with you/

posted by: wesunidad on June 29, 2021  1


Why do we need a more robust verification of voter eligibility?  There was almost no evidence of that in the last election.  If there was, please talk about that fact because it’s important.

In the last 13 years about .0006{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672} of votes were due to voters presenting fake identification.
Correct me if I’m wrong on that, but the number of people doing this is miniscule.

The problem is more Black people voting, isn’t it?

When you have White people in office talking about more robust voter security, what they are talking about is that too many Black people and People of Color are voting and they are making the difference.

If we already have so many forms of identification, why do we need another one? 

The answer is to make it harder for Black people and People of Color to vote.

You said in theory it’s good to increase security processes, but it doesn’t work because it disenfranchises Black people and People of Color.

Then why bother to increase security when none were found in the last election?

Voter “security” has been raised because, to their horror, the White man saw that Black people and People of Color used their Constitutional right to vote and influenced the outcome of a national election.

To increase security, how about banning Ninja turtles, like the ones in AZ, from handling legally cast ballots looking for bamboo and whatever?

To increase voter security why not pass legislation to ban insurrections?

Thank you for the invite to talk, but based on Hitler’s legacy, I’ve been told to never give the Devil the podium.

I’m not saying you are the Devil, Josh, but what I am saying is that the cult you support has ideas that should not be given the podium – anywhere and especially in a free and democratic society.

Marjorie T. Green, Ted Cruise, Josh Hawley and the rest of that gang have been given the podium and look what they’ve done with the Big Lie.

They have undermined our democracy and should be thrown out of Congress for publicly lying.

posted by: Joshua Van Hoesen on June 29, 2021  2:44pm

@wesunidad I appreciate the clarification that you are not calling me the Devil!

I believe one of the only instances of voter fraud involving misidentification in the last presidential election was a Trump supporter who voted in the name of his deceased mother. To be clear this *does not* indicate a widespread issue.

“The problem is more Black people voting, isn’t it?” : As upsetting as it to recognize, that is a viewpoint shared by many it seems. At minimum because the perception is that POC vote Democrat.

“Then why bother to increase security when none were found in the last election?” : No one has hacked into my server yet, I still turned on more robust security when it was available. That being said the only way I would be remotely comfortable considering would be if ID disbursement was done and confirmed *before* it became a requirement for voting.

“To increase security, how about banning Ninja turtles” : With a background in technology and experience working multiple elections I fully recognize how egregious the “audit” is and fully support implementing robust standards for any future outside reviews.

“What I am saying is that the cult you support has ideas that should not be given the podium” : I support Republican ideals I was raised with (https://public.wsu.edu/~wsucr/principles.html) and those are expressed in the solutions and policies I suggest as a candidate. I very much doubt developing sound fiscal policies or encouragement of free enterprise are ideas that shouldn’t be given a podium.

“They have undermined our democracy and should be thrown out of Congress for publicly lying.” : I would also applaud banning them from running for public office in the future.

posted by: wesunidad on June 30, 2021  10:54am

voterepublican…trum lost.  Get over it.

trump and his boot lickers are making up voter fraud because gullible people like you believe him.

We all know by now that there is no proof of voter fraud because people didn’t have a voter I.D. card.

And every time your people talk about this we know what you mean.  You mean that People of Color should not be able to vote until they jump over every hurdle we throw in front of them.

Why not ask people to change their skin color to vote?  How about making sure there are not toilet facilities in voting locations?  How about no voting for those who arrive by bus? 

Almost 80 Courts with judges 45 CHOSE rejected his lie about voter fraud and threw his false claims back in his face.

trump is desperate to keep the voter fraud gig going with a sham voter recount in AZ that will not put him in office in August.  This sham recount is only to keep the voter fraud lie alive.

trump lost.  Get over it!

You know full well what trump is saying about voter fraud – the term “voter fraud” to him means too many People of Color voting.

The Big Lie is getting pretty stale, don’t you think?  I think all of those in Congress who voted to overturn the election need to be banned from running for office again. 

If they support another government (a fascist one), they can just move there and be fascists.

It appears that the majority of Americans prefer democracy as imperfect as it may be sometimes.  It can be fixed because we are reasonable, democratic minded people.

How about Critical Race Theory?  There you go!  Go with that!  No teaching about structural racism in our system!

What’s wonderful about this whole thing is that people like Tucker Boy and the other airheads on FOX by talking so much about it, they actually drive more to try to find out what it is.

Teaching about racism in schools? 

Oh no!  We want critical thinking in our schools – like White Supremacy and structural racism are problems we must study and understand!

posted by: wesunidad on July 2, 2021  3:38pm

Christopher Shaefer…All Americans must be required by law to vote and register at age 18 or whatever the National Age to Vote is.

They could then be issued a National Voting ID with photo and be required to renew it every year.  This ID should have nothing to do with the requirement to have an address.  My address is not on my SSI card, for example.

In Australia it’s a law that each citizen must vote, but not here.  And the percentage of people who vote there is well in the high 95{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672} category.  People who don’t vote are fined via their income tax or some other system like that.

If the greatest democracy in the world (some say it’s us) really wants everyone to vote and brags about our democracy, why isn’t there a law that everyone must vote?

And why has the Republican Party introduced so many new laws (300+) to restrict voting making it harder for People of Color to Vote? 

People here don’t vote and therefore don’t get what most other civilized countries get like a national healthcare system from birth to death, like a guaranteed living wage (like in Germany) whether or not you’re working.  It’s called a Guaranteed Annual Income and was recently introduced by Andrew Yang.

But, People of Color found a powerful force by voting because their vote got rid of the Orange Nazi for us!

Yes! They have voted and realized their power to throw out the most dangerous President we have ever had.

This dangerous person is a Republican and anyone who understands that should vacate the Republican Party and join the Democratic or Green Party where party leaders do not believe in voter restrictions, insurrections, etc.

We have to assume that Republicans who continue to being a member of the Republican Party sile
ntly support White Supremacy ideology, voter restrictions, overturning fair elections, and all the rest of it.

It’s not what they SAY, it’s what they DO!

posted by: wesunidad on July 2, 2021  4:56pm

Joshua Van Hoesen…I think you have a good heart and that you are a good worker and supporter of democracy.

I admire that!  I think most so called progressives would appreciate the work you’ve done.

And, I think there are lots more like you, average Republicans, who don’t espouse the ideology of trump.

The problem appears to me that trump has stripped the Republican Party of what it was and made it into his own “weapon of mass destruction”.

It’s all about him and he needed a vehicle to achieve his fascist aims that have nothing to do with a lot of Republicans.

Why should progressive people leave their party – whichever one it is?  It appears as though, like you, they agree with it’s principles, however, the principles of the Republican Party seem to have changed.

I mean when you have Kevin McCarthy saying he is going to ban any Republican who volunteers to be on the committee to find out – for the American people – what happened on Jan. 6th, well you have to scratch your head.

I think you well meaning and intentioned Republicans should organize and publicly disavow trump, but that’s my opinion.

Until all of you get together and make an public statement about trump and his followers (Hawley, Cruz, McCarthy, Gaetz and the rest) – that they are not the legitimate Republican Party, then I think it’s going to be very hard for you.

Because the fact is, if you don’t sell your soul and bow to trump, you probably can’t win elections. 

Look at what happened to Liz Chaney.

You obviously have not sold your soul to trump and his boot lickers, so what are you waiting for?

I could be wrong, but if you don’t separate yourself from the evilness they are peddling, then people will assume that you are one of them.

Birds of a feather, flock together.

The fact is there is no Republican Party.  It’s gone and trump stole it to use for his own ego and purposes.

posted by: wesunidad on July 3, 2021  9:20am

voteRepublican…thanks so much for your comments on Communism’s failure, etc.

You said, “As far as Cube being such a great place to live, communism has pretty much a 100{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672} failure rate.”

Communism has never existed.  It’s a theory in a book/document.  It’s an idea!

So Christianity, also a theory has also failed 100{56ef4555b1160ba09e855af6afd9aff20ca1ee0c32187e33609ae0a92f439672} because people do not go to church anymore?

“…and I see that YOU have chosen to live HERE in the good ole’ USA instead of Cuba.”

When was the last time you were there?  When did you talk to people who actually live there?  Like trump, when you don’t have anything of substance to say you attack the person.

No one has to defend Cuba, it can defend itself.

You said, “Also, people risk their lives ESCAPING Cuba, but no one risks their lives to escape TO Cuba.

Wrong again.

White, supremacist Americans absolutely did flee TO Cuba pre the 1959 Revolution when the Cubans threw the White Americans out.  They risked their lives because many got gonorrhea and syphillis! 

Having sex in Cuba was a great past time for U.S. business men who fled to Cuba to have sex, drink, and throw their money around.  Cuba pre 1959 was run by the United States under their puppet dictator Batista. 

And, when the U.S. ran Cuba it was the playground for U.S. businessmen from corporations like United Fruit who exploited Cuban labor and then exploited Cuban women when they went there to have sex with prostitutes, drink, spend money and have a good time with their profits from United Fruit Company.

You said, “The USA is far from perfect, but it is where everyone wants to be.”  Everyone?  You seem to be isolated from what people in other countries and even in this country believe – even about Cuba.

In other parts of the world, Cuba because it is the biggest exporter of doctors in the world, is revered and respected.

I’ve worked at Doctors Without Borders in NY and lived abroad for over 10 years and I have to shake my head when I hear comments like the ones you make.

posted by: wesunidad on July 3, 2021  8:18pm

voteRepublican…I believe that the statistics you quoted in your last entry are fake.

Fake news, fraud, rigged elections, witch hunt’s, etc., that’s what the Republican Party is all about, and that’s why
they don’t want a bipartisan Commission to investigate what happened on January 6th.

During the invasion of the Capitol, “A member of the Republican Cowboys for Trump said, “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat!”?

“There is going to be blood running out of that building!” said another insurrectionist.

“Hang Mike Pense” “Hang Mike Pense”  “Hang Mike Pense” – just a few people touring the capitol!

The Republican Party and it’s insurrectionists are steeped in racism, hate, fear and suspicion.

With the Commission, we might learn whose money was behind the effort to overturn our government, who funded the bus rides for people from around the country and who paid for their hotel stays and their food?

We might learn who paid for their bullet proof vests, their guns, their spray cans of toxic metals, their trump banners, their American flags made into spears, their pistols, their safety glasses, their steel towed boots and more.

With the Commission we will come to understand profoundly that those who voted against certifying our Presidential election lied through their teeth when they put their hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution of the U.S. 

Republicans who did not vote to certify the election should NOT be on this Commission.  Absolutely not – they are the ones who supported the deadly insurrection, and as we can all see, they are doing their best to subvert it’s work and may try to put house fascists like Green, Hawley, Crez, Gaetz and others on it. 

But, that’s what the Republican Party stands for – insurrection, terror, violence and a disregard for the rule of law.

voteRepublican you are supporting an organization that is trying to start a civil war in this country.

Is that why you can’t recruit Republicans in New Haven?

posted by: wesunidad on July 4, 2021  10:04am

voteRepublican…Critical Race Theory – the discussion of the history of racism in schools is American as apple pie.

So, why is it the Republican’s new boogyman?  Why are Republicans trying to discuss the history of racism being taught in some states like Florida and Texas?

“In Europe, laws censoring the discussion of history have been a prelude o the rollback of democracy.  What will similar efforts lead to in the United States?” Timothy Snyder,  Yale Professor.

He says, “Republican state legislators proposed dozens of bills designed to guide and control American understanding of the past…five states (Idaho, Iowa, Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma) have passed laws that direct and restrict discussions of history in classrooms.”

These are called memory laws and another 12 states are proposing them.  They are laws that restrict what parts of history can’t be taught. The Texas law forbids – forbids requiring students to understand the 1619 project!!!

“The common feature among these laws…is their attention to feelings.”

“Four of five of them, in almost identical language (maybe written by ALEC?), proscribe any curricular activities that would give rise to “discomfort”, guilt, anguish or any other form of psychological distress on account of the individual’s sex or race.”

As Professor Snyder says, “History is not therapy, and discomfort is part of growing up….I know from my experience teaching the Holocaust that it often causes psychological discomfort for students to learn that Hitler admired Jim Crow and the myth of the Wild West.”

voteRepublican, “We start by saying we are not racists.  Yes, that felt nice. And now we should make sure that no one says anything that might upset us.  The fight against racism becomes the search for a language that makes white people feel good.  The laws themselves model the desired rhetoric.  We are just trying to be fair.  We behave neutrally.  We are innocent.” Timothy Snyder, Yale Professor.