March 8, 2021

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Want To Travel With More Than One Pet? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Want To Travel With More Than One Pet? Here’s What You Need To Know
Want To Travel With More Than One Pet? Here’s What You Need To Know

It isn’t easy to travel with multiple pets at one time. It’s quite easy to have them on domestic flights than international ones. They have their policies and medication process. So if you are determined to travel internationally, go through their requirements, consult with your veterinarian or if you own an emotional support animal as a pet, you must seek ESA doctors’ review in this regard. ESA doctors’ reviews help travelers receive proper authentications with evidence of how they can travel with their pets after receiving an ESA letter. However, there are certainly other things you need to keep a track of.

1- Things need to grasp for traveling:

Before traveling with your pets, took them all to your vet for vaccination process and medical treatment, whether they all can move with you or not? 

  • Go for the blood test, vaccinations, stomach problems, and most essential microchips for their identifications. The best and simple option where all these requirements are available is ESA doctors, where you can review their needs and schedule your meeting privately.  
  • Every travel agency, airlines have different requirements for multiple pets; you must study their predictions and schedule your flight according to it. Sometimes they allow one pet with your travel, and for others, they let in the cabin.
  • Keep their health certificates with you; if they die on an airplane, public health officials will require to make sure that the pet doesn’t die due to any disease and do their insurance before traveling, 
  • Bring their separate carriers useful things. 

2- Comfort things for them:

It’s challenging to take your pet with you for traveling, and when there are more than one, it’s overwhelming. Pets will remain calm and safe if they are getting a comfortable environment like home. 

  • You must provide them separate with a suitable size in which they can be placed easily. Otherwise, it will be cumbersome for you to handle in one.
  • Manage your flight time like; travel at night time is right for them.
  • If you are traveling by air, check their cabin environment to keep your pet, whether it is airy or not? Otherwise, it can cause death due to suffocation.
  • Complete the vaccination process of your dog before 20 days. 
  • Bring separate distilled water and food bowls for them.
  • Must bring their paws wipes and poops bags

3- Travelling with Cats or other animals than dogs:

  • If you are traveling with cats, most states do not require vaccination; but must check their destination requirements. They are a little bit stronger than other animals. They can easily travel with you if you have a friendly relation with them. Other things that are discussed above are the same for cats too.
  • Traveling with other pets than cats or dogs like; parakeets, primates, piglets, etc. They also have separate destinations requirements. Mostly chimpanzees and Apes are not allowed in-plane and another place as a pet. But lovebirds are permitted. 

4-     States allowing pets:

  • USA– United States allow up to 2 checked pets that meet their requirements. Go through ESA doctor’s reviews.


  • According to them, no person is allowed to have more than three dogs and six cats.
  • The UK– NO pet is allowed to travel in-cabin or any flight of the UK.


  • China allows pets to travel with their owners only, and some dogs allowance banned in China. 
  • AUSTRALIA: you can have two registered dogs if you want more pets other than dogs to apply for a council license.
  • JAPAN– It is not allowing your pet to travel in its cabin; it will transfer in the cargo section.


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