UK: Westminster – A Visitor’s Guide

Westminster Visitor's Guide

London is a huge city and Westminster is in Central London. It runs from the River Thames to Oxford Street. This area is home to many historical buildings, which makes it a place of interest for tourists and visitors alike. Here is our Westminster Visitor’s Guide which we hope helps you when planning your trip.

Famous Attractions

Westminster is home to the following:

  • Westminster Palace
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Westminster Abbey & Cathedral
  • West End Shopping

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Guided Tours

You will find guided tours for the many attractions in Westminster. Search online for details; do your own research and explore at your own pace, if you want. You could thoroughly research the origins of the Abbey, which would make your visit more enjoyable. Also, let’s not forget boat trips along the River Thames, which are always available in the summer.

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Online Resources

If you want to know the history of Westminster Abbey or learn about the size and scope of Buckingham Palace, Google is your friend. The more you know about these historical sites, the right the experience will be. Planning your time is advised. Take a whole day for the Abbey (that isn’t really enough), while you can combine Buckingham and Westminster Palaces in a single day and even go back to your apartment for lunch. We all know how expensive it is to eat out in London, which is another reason to have a fully equipped kitchen, where you can prepare your favourite dishes.

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Photo by Igor Savelev on Unsplash

Walking Distance

Why not explore Westminster on foot? Wear a good pair of comfortable walking shoes, and over a few days, you can pretty much cover Westminster. You can enjoy yourself at your own pace and when you fancy a rest, your apartment is just down the road.

Make sure that you have lots of digital memory to take hundreds of great images and some videos too – free Wi-Fi means you can upload to the cloud every evening and delete all the SD cards and start again. Spending a little time planning your trip will always pay dividends and staying in Westminster makes total sense.

We hope this Westminster Visitor’s Guide helps you when planning your trip.

Featured Image – Photo by Aswin Mahesh on Unsplash

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