Travel Solutions: Is my yearly insurance plan coverage refundable? | Recreation

Q: Just before the pandemic, I paid out $1,025 for an yearly journey coverage policy via Allianz for my wife and me. She’s in her 70s, and I’m in my 80s. Then COVID-19 arrived along, and we experienced to terminate all the things we prepared to do in Europe. So our policy became ineffective.

I questioned Allianz if we could transfer our policy to next calendar year when vacation seems to be coming back. The firm available a 90-working day extension, but it’s crystal clear that there will be no journey for us for the duration of those 90 days. I’d like your help to both get a refund for the useless journey insurance policy or have the coverage prolonged for another 12 months when it appears we will actually be ready to make use of it. — Durndord King, Santa Monica, California

A: I’m sorry you experienced to terminate your vacation to Europe. You would believe that your vacation insurance policy would be refundable, but it typically isn’t.

Allianz travel insurance coverage options offer coverage for any outings that are additional than 100 miles from your home and occur throughout the policy’s helpful interval. So it would have also applied to your excursions inside of the U.S. to stop by mates and relatives all through the summer months and holiday seasons. If you want to cancel your annual vacation insurance plan, you can do so for any reason and get a prorated quality refund.

It seems you requested for an extension of your policy. Allianz was featuring extensions all through the pandemic on a circumstance-by-scenario foundation, so it made available you an more 90 days of coverage. But you explained to an Allianz representative that you couldn’t use the added 90 times, which is absolutely understandable.