Top 5 Taiwan Travel Attractions in Kaohsiung

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Kaohsiung’s main train station features an amazing illuminated art installation – a must-see!

Cijin Island is one of Kaohsiung’s premier travel attractions, hosting several must-visit temples and pagodas, such as Dragon and Tiger Pagodas.

Tianliao Moon World looks like something out of a sci-fi movie! It is one of the weirdest and most unusual places in Kaohsiung. Cathay Pacific flights are available for all looking for flights from Singapore to Kaohsiung. 

1. Fo Guang Shan Monastery

Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Taiwan is one of the largest Buddhist temple complexes. Established by Master Hsing Yun in 1967, this monastery has long been known for promoting Humanistic Buddhism – a modern interpretation that emphasizes applying Buddhist principles in everyday life – with 8 pagodas, hundreds of statues, 4 museums and 48 underground palaces (time capsules). Fo Guang Shan is also one of Taiwan’s major tourist draws featuring temples, gardens and cultural activities as major tourist draws.

Fo Guang Shan’s Big Buddha is an astonishing sight and draws visitors from far and wide to this religious destination. Measuring an astounding 108 meters tall and sitting majestically atop an enormous metal base, its intricate details can be seen from anywhere within its temple grounds and its presence is felt everywhere you turn in its temple grounds. Additionally, its walls feature over 5000 smaller Buddha statues to complete this majestic spectacle.

Make time to visit the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, one of the newest additions to the monastery. This interactive museum showcases different cultural aspects associated with Buddhist festivals through interactive technologies.

Museum admission is free, while you should visit the art gallery which exhibits Buddhist culture from different regions around the globe. A popular activity at this monastery includes hiking through its scenic mountain trails. Food options range from traditional Chinese to American-style restaurants within its grounds.

2. Cijin Island

Cijin Island () is a beloved day trip destination in Kaohsiung, known for its historic fort, ornate temples, stunning black sand beaches, and some of the city’s best cuisine.

As well as offering breathtaking views over Kaohsiung, it makes an excellent hike destination. However, be mindful that this area is also home to wild macaques which make up part of an official nature reserve and thus need not be fed by hikers. To prevent potential conflict with them it is wiser to remain at a distance than feed any monkeys!

If you’re seeking something more thrilling, E-Da Theme Park may be an option worth visiting. With its entrance near Cihou Fort and security check before entry, this theme park may be more touristy than others on this list; but still offers great fun.

This park features many attractions to keep guests occupied, including a roller coaster and giant ferris wheel. While prices may seem steep at first glance, this attraction provides the perfect way to see some of Kaohsiung’s most beloved landmarks at an affordable cost.

One of the great things about this attraction is how straightforward its access is: Take the metro to Formosa Boulevard Station and then walk or ride your scooter over to the ferry terminal – either paying with cash or your transportation card is fine! A one-way ticket costs $25 NTD.

3. Lotus Pond

Lotus Pond in Zuoying District is one of Taiwan’s most picturesque man-made lakes and an enjoyable weekend retreat, named for the multitude of lotus flowers that cover its waters – though Sun Moon Lake actually holds the distinction for largest lake.

Chi Ming Palace, rebuilt in 1973 and known for its grand three-story architectural design, stands as a landmark temple by the pond. Primarily dedicated to Confucius and Guan Zhi with its Dacheng hall taking inspiration from Song Dynasty Confucian Temple layouts as models as well as Shandong Qufu Confucius Temple layouts as its primary focus, Chi Ming Palace serves as one of the main destinations near its banks.

Visitors can enjoy seeing blooming flowers and trees around Lotus Pond Lake while riding on a tourist service boat or taking advantage of one of the numerous tourist service boat tours to immerse themselves in this peaceful scenery. There are numerous benches and pavilions surrounded by water lilies, cattails, and corkwood for seating and relaxing, restaurants serving local agricultural products, DIY classrooms for handcrafts and cooking skills as well as small group adventures taking place at Lotus Pond for those with an adventuresome spirit.

4. Love River

Love River (formerly Ai River) runs through downtown Kaohsiung and begins near Bagualiao in Renwu District before winding its way 12 kilometers 7.5 miles to end at Kaohsiung Harbor before emptying into its harbor basin. Divided into two sections by Jianguo, Cisian, and Jhongjheng Bridges. After World War II, Love River underwent extensive dredging and urban development before becoming an attractive recreational area popular during summer months for many local residents; its charming scenery inspired many painters, poets, singers to compose folk songs about growing up beside Love River – its rich evocative scenery has inspired many painters, poets, poets and singers who wrote songs about growing up next to it.

On a typical day, visitors to Love River can walk along its banks or admire its attractive city structures located nearby. Ferry rides offer fantastic riverside scenery; or visit one of its parks to complete your experience.

Evenings offer you a spectacular opportunity to witness downtown Kaohsiung come alive with various hues through Love River’s gondola cruises; costs for these rides vary every evening.

Beyond cruising, Love River also hosts cultural events like the Lantern Festival each year. Additionally, several parks can be found along its banks where you can relax under shaded areas while listening to its gentle water sounds. Also nearby is 85 Sky-Tower which provides visitors with stunning panoramic views of Love River and Kaohsiung harbor from above.

5. Formosa Boulevard Station

Formosa Boulevard Station stands out as one of the world’s most spectacular metro stations with an eye-catching glass dome designed by Italian glass artist Narcissus Quagliata – making a visit worthwhile just to witness its multicolor splendor!

Kaohsiung Station is well known for its Urban Spotlight installation – an illuminated pathway with lights that often hosts public performances and features public art exhibitions. Furthermore, there is a Literary Museum and Lee Ko-Yung Memorial Library within this complex – perfect places for exploring Kaohsiung and learning more about its culture!

The station is conveniently situated at the crossroads of two major streets in downtown Kaohsiung: Zhongshan 1st Road and Zhongzheng 4th Road – named for former Republic of China presidents Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek respectively. Additionally, this MRT station has 11 exits connected with both orange line and red line routes of MRT service.

There are many hotels near Formosa Boulevard Station that are easily walkable from the city center, such as Yin Shi Inn which is only 6 minutes from MRT City Council Station and 10 minutes away from Liuhe Night Market. Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung also provides modern accommodations only 10 minutes away from Formosa Boulevard Station and Hsinshing Night Market; prices can fluctuate based on day/season – it is wise to book ahead or plan ahead for low season periods when making plans.

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