The Women Who Travel Podcast Is Back

The Women Who Travel Podcast Is Back

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Good news, podcast listeners. After a brief hiatus, Women Who Travel is returning on September 29th in a new format, but with the same mission as always: to show that while travel and adventure have historically been publicly claimed by men, women-identifying travelers have always been part of those narratives. Each week, Condé Nast Traveler articles director Lale Arikoglu shines a light on some of those stories, interviewing guests about their most unique travel tales—from going off-grid in the Danish wilderness to country-hopping solo—sharing her own experiences traveling around the globe, and tapping listeners to contribute their own memorable stories.

In our first episode, Lale determines that she needs to challenge herself and goes hiking in Chilean Patagonia’s misty and isolated landscape. Closer to home, she’s trying to stay upright on a surfboard at New York’s Rockaway beach. She also talks to author Dorthe Nors about moving from Copenhagen to live along the wild North Sea coast of Denmark, a place known as ‘Cold Hawaii’ and home to a longstanding community of international surfers. Plus, we hear from listeners who hike pilgrimage trails in the depths of winter and scale the Alps in the 95-degree summer heat.

This is a podcast for anyone who is curious about the world—and excited to explore places both near and far from home. For a preview of the new episode listen below. 


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