the Cecil Hotel’s Eerie History and What It’s Like Today

While the hotel was even now closed, Peet Montzingo moved in across the avenue. He said he witnessed strange occurrences and documented them for his YouTube channel.

Peet standing in front of a window overlooking the Cecil Hotel.

Peet Montzingo.

Peet Montzingo/YouTube

Content creator Peet Montzingo moved into an condominium across the road from The Cecil Lodge, which had been closed considering the fact that 2017. He did not know substantially about the Cecil when he moved, but it truly is considering that develop into a important part of his everyday living.

With 4 huge windows dealing with the front of the hotel, Peet often filmed YouTube and TikTok videos of what he described as eerie, unexplainable activity. In accordance to his footage, balcony doorways would unexpectedly open up and shut, curtains would go, and home lights would flip on. In addition, he mentioned he’s seen many apparitions and shadows in the hotel’s home windows.

“The initial thing I at any time noticed was a person on a balcony smoking a cigar. It was at 2 a.m. and it appeared like he was searching at me,” Peet advised Insider. “I ran from just one facet of my apartment to the other to see if his head adopted me and it in simple fact did.”

Peet theorized it may well have been a figment of his creativity, a homeless human being who entered, or even a ghost. 

Yet another time, Peet said he observed a silhouette of a man or woman hanging on the leading ground of the lodge.

“I failed to simply call the cops for the reason that the hotel was closed so I did not want it to occur across like I was delusional,” he reported. In a video, he claimed the shadow was long gone a couple of several hours later.

Lisa Rios, project supervisor of communications at the Skid Row Housing Have faith in, which now manages the building, explained four folks lived in the developing concerning 2017 and 2021, but that they weren’t mindful of a death transpiring there at that time.