Tenting 101: The 5 Most Simple Sorts of Campfires And What They’re For


Studying to construct a campfire from scratch is a feat. But figuring out the proper sort of fire to develop for your demands is equally vital. The style of fire you have to have to establish depends on how significantly wooden you have and what you happen to be heading to use it for. There are certain forms ideal for cooking, for keeping you warm or for a large group of campers.

Whichever your objective, listed here are the 5 most basic varieties of campfires and what they are for:


Teepee is the most widespread and most common type of campfire. The cone-formed framework has a base that is wide and round which will allow a superior flow of oxygen. In flip, this style of hearth burns hot – best for gathering all-around it for a small team of people. It is also superior for cooking swift meals and for warming. Teepee burns promptly, nevertheless – it consumes wood rapidly so it necessitates constant upkeep.

Log Cabin

The log cabin fireplace is established by stacking thick logs parallel to just one a different, leaving space in the center to let air to circulation. This is a slow-burning hearth, but necessitates little upkeep and burns warm for a extended time. The log cabin is perfect for cooler weather when you need to have to keep heat via the night time.


Also referred to as the upside down pyramid, this type of campfire is equivalent to log cabin. It is produced by stacking thick wooden alongside one another forming a pound signal and the hearth is burned from the top, creating a system of coals. Due to the fact of this, the platform campfire is most suitable for cooking food items.


If you are low on firewood, this is the way to go. The star fire burns the wooden little bit by bit not like other kinds which burn the wooden all at when. It is a sluggish burning fire that generates a excellent flame. This can also be extinguished simply just by pulling the logs away from the centre. Start off by generating a smaller tepee fireplace then lay 5 thick logs close to it, forming a “star”.

Lean To

Owning a hard time generating a campfire mainly because of windy weather conditions? The lean to fire is your very best alternative because it uses its have wood as a windbreaker. Even although it’s windy, this sort of campfire requires minor maintenance.

Now that you know the 5 most essential sorts of campfire and what they are for, you can expect to be additional assured on your following tenting journey!

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