Property sits on a beautiful bay – Review of Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, Waikoloa

The fact the Marriott Waikoloa is charging close to $1000/night should be against the law. Calling this place a resort is a stretch given the no frills, 0 amenities, and lackluster grounds. As a Marriott Titanium member I was put in a room with the view of 2 different roof tops. The fact this was even considered an acceptable room to put any paying guest is a joke. They did change our room after complaining to a pool view room. However, the room had 2 double beds and an old bathroom… talk about killing what should have been a romantic vacation. This place is maybe worth $200/night, but I wouldn’t go back unless they were paying me. I’ve stayed in Marriotts all over the world including many resort properties and this “resort” is the worst by far.

The room was basic and in desperate need of an update. The pool area is barebones with almost no service and the beach/bay is not the white sand and blue water you’d expect from a Hawaiian resort. The food was nothing more than ok and the restaurant was not what one would expect from a resort charging these prices. The cafe was better than the restaurant and I would not suggest wasting your money on any meals here.

Literally any resort has to be better than this place. It’s only redeeming quality is the location as you can walk to many bars, restaurants, and shops. This is helpful considering you’ll want to spend as little time on property as possible.