Overcoming Travel Pitfalls Using Hotel Tech

Overcoming Travel Pitfalls Using Hotel Tech

Utilizing hotel tech at your property can mitigate common travel pitfalls and recover the guest experience

From delayed flights and lost luggage to forgotten items and COVID restrictions, even if a traveler is on vacation, the travel process can be a stressful one. According to a recent study conducted by tour operator Trafalgar, approximately 89% of survey respondents said they find traveling to be a stressful event. As a hotelier, it’s your goal to allow guests to de-stress, enjoy themselves, and make memories that will last them a lifetime — whether they are on vacation, a business trip or attending an event at your hotel. One simple way to do this is by integrating hotel tech, such as a mobile app or in-room tablet, into your property.

Here are a few ways hotel tech can mitigate common travel pitfalls and ensure a stress-free experience for your guests.

Eliminate the Front Desk Wait

After a long day of waiting in lines at the airport, the baggage claim, and for a rideshare, the last thing a weary traveler wants to do is wait in a queue to check-in at the hotel. Hotel tech, such as a mobile app, allows guests to digitally check-in and use their smartphones for keyless entry, completely bypassing the front desk and allowing them to go straight to their rooms. Once they are ready to depart, the digital check-out process is just as easy.

Replace Can’t-Live-Without Items

Once in their rooms, guests staying at hotels outfitted with in-room tablets can request any items they may have forgotten, just with a few simple taps on a screen. Guests no longer need to trek down to the front desk in their pajamas after realizing they’ve forgotten their toothpaste. A quick tap on the in-room tablet or on their mobile app replenishes any needed items, including extra towels or pillows.

Dining — On Demand

Hotels that feature in-room tablets allow travelers to browse digital dining menus and order food and drinks to their room without having to pick up a phone and wait for the room service operator. For hotels that don’t have an on-property restaurant, in-room tablet technology provides guests with the ability to use delivery services such as Door Dash or Uber Eats without having to pick up their personal cell phone and re-enter their new location details. Hotels with a mobile app allow busy guests to order food on their time from anywhere on the property and get it delivered directly to their room.

Create a Digital Concierge Experience

A mobile app can offer guests a digital concierge experience — guiding them through the local attractions, dining options, and off-site events right on their mobile phones, whether they are in their rooms, by the pool, or at the bar. For hotels that don’t have a traditional concierge desk, an in-room tablet can offer up the same trusted recommendations right from the guest’s room.

Hotel tech can help streamline the travel experience and allow guests to have a stress-free stay, no matter if they are visiting on business or for pleasure. To learn more about how hotel tech can mitigate the stress of travel, request a demo today.

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