How to Make the Guest Experience All-Inclusive

How to Make the Guest Experience All-Inclusive

A recent Wyndham study reported 77% of all travelers currently prefer all-inclusive, seamless travel. Here are a few ways to make your guests’ stay feel all-inclusive — even if you aren’t an all-inclusive resort.

After more than two years of turbulent travel plans, canceled flights and, ultimately, canceled vacations, traveler frustration seems evident due to the recent increase of consumers gravitating towards all-inclusive travel options. A survey conducted in early 2022 by Wyndham found that 75% of travelers said they believed booking an all-inclusive vacation is the best way to travel, while 77% said they found it to be less stressful. As hoteliers, creating a stress-free environment for guests is priority number one. Guest experience tech ensures a seamless stay for travelers and provides them with everything they need with just a push of a button — or tap of a smart device.

Here are a few ways guest experience tech can help you create an all-inclusive, hassle-free experience for your guests, even if your property is not an all-inclusive resort.

Seamless Check-In & Check-Out

Nothing says luxury quite like rolling up to your hotel room after a long day of travel without having to wait in an endless line in the lobby. Safe and secure, mobile check-in allows guests to check into the hotel from anywhere, access their room with mobile key, and even share keys with fellow room occupants. When it comes to the check-out process, it is easier than ever with a simple tap of a button.

Entertainment On Demand

Guests accustomed to streaming television at home can seamlessly do so by simply casting content to the in-room smart TV. A vacation or business trip doesn’t have to stop their binge schedule as they can now bring their favorite series, movies, and music along with them.

Putting Guests First

In-room tablets put the guest at the center of the experience universe. From allowing them to easily order contactless room service at their leisure to effortlessly request extra items such as towels or toiletries, in-room tablets let guests take control of their experience on their own time, which, honestly, is the ultimate luxury.

Additionally, in-room tablets and hotel mobile apps serve as a digital concierge for your property, enabling guests to view a menu of hotel amenities and activities. Guests can explore hotel recommendations for nearby venues and events, as well as book reservations and make special requests, all from a mobile device. In-app marketing and promotions, in addition to marketing services and amenities to guests’ pre-arrival, inform travelers of all the options available to them and enable them to create their ideal itinerary for an all-inclusive, seamless experience.

Personalized Messages for Your Guests

Many guests who travel to an all-inclusive resort, select this type of vacation because they enjoy the experience of being waited on. Hotels can simulate this level of service through text messages with their guests. After a guest checks in and settles into their room, hotels can send them a text message and ask a few questions to gauge their immediate needs and preferences. Some sample questions could include:

  • Is your room the way you like it?
  • Do you need reservations for breakfast, lunch or dinner?
  • Would you like the concierge to recommend activities or outings?

Including a link in the message for the guest to download your hotel mobile app, if they haven’t already, and peruse the menu of services, amenities, and activities available to book, also puts the guest in control of creating their ideal itinerary and a seamless stay.

Even if your property is not an all-inclusive resort, guest experience tech can help facilitate an amenities-rich digital concierge experience for your guests. Want to learn more about guest experience tech? Request a demo today.

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