Hospitality Trends- Uncaged with INTELITY CEO Robert Stevenson

Hospitality Trends- Uncaged with INTELITY CEO Robert Stevenson

CEO Robert Stevenson shares how INTELITY’s guest experience platform can help solve some of the staffing challenges in hospitality today.

INTELITY CEO Robert Stevenson was recently featured in an episode of the podcast The Uncaged Show, where he touched on several topics, including the latest updates to the INTELITY platform, current trends in the hospitality industry, and how the INTELITY platform can help the hospitality industry weather staffing shortages.

During the interview, Stevenson shared how the pandemic has had an effect on most of the trends in hospitality today, including a push towards safety and contactless guest experiences.

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“Our customer at the hotel level is very concerned about the digital guest journey, and they are also interested in the contactless capabilities that our platform provides,” Stevenson shared with Uncaged Show host Bant Breen. “Something like the BA.5 variant of COVID-19 that is rearing its head, those are the kind of things I think we can expect to continue for years and years to come, so having a digital pathway is very important.”

Stevenson also shared how workforce shortages have greatly affected the hospitality industry since the start of the pandemic.

“The service industry workforces have come back, more much so than they were say a year ago, but a lot of people switched careers and are just testing the waters and exploring if they want a career in hospitality, so you have a lot of turnover and a lot of light staffing,” Stevenson said. “Some hotels are operating with only 30-to-40% of their staff. It’s a big concern, and technology like our platform can help.”

Stevenson shared how platforms like INTELITY’s allows guests to use their mobile devices to check-in, saving front desk employees time. The same goes for room service teams.

“If we automatically route in-room dining requests straight to the kitchen and get it fulfilled, then the only human labor that is actually required is cooking that meal and walking it up to the room. That saves hospitality workers a few minutes of phone time and manual entry time. And all those things add up.”

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