Good for a desert – Review of Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel, Death Valley National Park

I was here in 2018, 202 and now 2022. Stayed in a Dune view room. They look like the pictures on the website so it was as expected. Because of staffing shortages we were told there would not be room cleaning daily. No big deal, we try to reuse stuff anyway. So we went our off roading our 2nd day there and when I came back,, shocked,, because our room perfect again. Now I can see things are wearing out. But with what happened over the last 2 years,, I give a pass. The following day, I guess about 5 am, we lost power. The hotel, the food, the store across the street and the gas pumps. . We were having a heck of a wind and sand storm that went almost all day. We came back to the room after our first hike and saw our room was all cleaned again. They had little Honda generators for their use to clean. and run the office.

I can tell there is new management because the desk people are different. NO lobby coffee in the mornings. No small side room with usable computers. Obviously no cell service. BUT, the dang WIFI was almost prefect each time I used with my cell phone So happy as I get around 150 emails a day and getting home after 4 days kills me. So yay for that.

The food service in the morning is no longer, for now, Again attribute to Covid. They do sell a box breakfast but we just went across the street and bought milk and cereal. After seeing what the food choices were for lunch and beyond at Furnace Creek, ,we ate every meal here. I would say they have a great cheesburger. the staff was not rude to me at all.

Guess I will end this with saying,,, see ya in 2024. So much more to see.