DIY travel in Norway and what you need to know?

Norway Budget Travel Guide (Updated 2023)

Norwegian travels are considered to be one of the most expensive in the world due to several reasons. Still, somehow it’s worth it because the country has so much to offer, from its historical Viking culture to having the most beautiful natural landscapes. And on top of it, Norwegians are very humble and wonderful people, and almost every one of them speaks fluent English so it is easy to communicate and navigate when you’re traveling there.

Since Norway has so many natural landscapes and nature-loving people, they have lots of outdoor activities. So, if you’re the kind of person who loves activities like skiing, kayaking, hiking, etc., then Norway is the perfect place for you to travel. In this article, you will be guided on how you can plan your trip to Norway. You can check the Norwegian reviews if you want to be sure about planning for your journey there and want to get the best possible services.

Guide to travel to Norway

Following are the few tips and tricks that you can keep in check when traveling to Norway.

Activities in Norway

The first thing would be to take a free walking tour because they can give you more insights into that place than any other guidebook. When arriving in a new place, a walking tour will help you know the history, culture, and people of that place. Secondly, you must visit and travel around different places in Norway which, includes Oslo city and fjords, touring Trondheim, exploring Tromso, checking out Royal Palace and Norwegian museum, enjoying activities like hiking, winter sports, and visiting places like Bergen, Lofoten, Preacher’s Pulpit, and journey to the north cape.

Budgeting in Norway

As mentioned above, Norway is not a cheap place to travel. Such a budget may seem a little excessive as compared to other countries you might visit. If you are on a backpacking budget, then the accommodation would cost you around 300 NOK meanwhile, food, transport, and activities would cost you close to 100 NOK each. So, the average daily cost would be like 600 NOK.

If you are on a mid-range budget, then the accommodation would cost you around 500 NOK; meanwhile, food would be around 400 NOK, transport 200 NOK, and activities would cost you close to 230 NOK. So, the average daily cost would be like 1330 NOK. And if you are on a luxurious budget, then the accommodation would cost you around 1000 NOK; meanwhile, food would be around 800 NOK, and transport and activities would cost you close to 400 NOK each. So, the average daily cost would be like 2600 NOK.

Transportation in Norway

You can get around Norway by means of various transportation services. Whichever service you may choose, you don’t need to worry about the cleanness, reliability, or security of that transportation service because if they are charging you extra for it, then they also provide you with top-notch service. Transportation in Norway includes buses, public transportation, trains, flying, and car rental services.

The best time to visit Norway

Finally, the biggest question is, what is the right time to visit Norway? Well, the answer would be, in the warm weather, from June to August. This is the ideal time to visit Norway as it is the liveliest around this time. The only drawback of visiting at this time is that tourism is at its peak, so the country will be busier than usual, make sure you book your accommodations in advance.

If you’re looking to visit Norway during winter, then it will be freezing cold, and you may not be able to enjoy much of the outdoor activities, but accommodations will be cheaper. 

The Verdict

Norway is one of the most beautiful places in the world; traveling and touring there on your own may not be as difficult as it seems. But if you want a heads-up on what to do in Norway and how to enjoy your tour there, then this article eases it up for you. 

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