Demolition of former care home and apartments conversion for pub – but what developments are planned near you in Derbyshire?

Here are the latest planning applications submitted and decided in the week commencing Monday, June 21, 2021:

Latest planning applications submitted to Chesterfield Council:7 Bateman Close, New Whittington: Single-storey side and rear extensions;

37 Knifesmithgate, Chesterfield: New entrance door and security shutter on the side elevation;

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5-7 Cavendish Street, Chesterfield: Replacement shop front including fascia/shutterbox and retractable canopies;

24 Somersall Park Road, Chesterfield: Demolition of two-storey side extension and garage and erection of replacement two-storey side extension and single-storey rear;

Land adjacent Mary Ann Street, Sheepbridge: Residential dwelling;

239 St John’s Road, Newbold: Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of a single-storey rear extension.

Dozens of planning applications have been submitted across north Derbyshire.
Dozens of planning applications have been submitted across north Derbyshire.

Red House, Sheffield Road, Stonegravels: Demolition of redundant building;

Bio8, Mcgregors Way, Chesterfield: Retaining wall to level off area of scrub/wasteland to provide a level area for storage at the rear of the building;

85 Yew Tree Drive, Somersall: Two-storey side extension.

Outdoor seating plan for micro-bar and coffee shop

Dozens of planning applications have been submitted for developments across north Derbyshire.

Latest planning applications decided by Chesterfield Council:

Eyre Chapel, Newbold Village, Newbold Road, Newbold: Remove dead wood from ash tree. Conditional permission;

Avenue House Surgery, 109 Saltergate, Chesterfield: Pruning of Himalyan birch to attain a clearance of 1m from structure. Approved;

136 Kirkstone Road, Newbold: Crown reduce by 3m and remove epicormic growth. Conditional permission;

Home extensions are among a number of new planning applications.

19A Somersall Lane, Somersall: Deadwood oak, fell larch and replant alder or willow. Conditional permission;

Sonoco Consumer Products, Portland Works, Goyt Side Road, Chesterfield: Fell beech. Conditional permission;

4 Orwins Close, Newbold Road, Newbold: Crown reduce canopy by 4m, remove major dead wood, prune back to suitable growing points. Conditional permission;

1 Eyre Gardens, Highfield Road, Newbold: Fell one sycamore and one cherry tree. Conditional permission;

49 Victoria Street, Chesterfield: Crown reduce six large mix-species trees. Approved;

40 Netherleigh Road, Ashgate: Crown lift and thin tree. Conditional permission;

120 The Green, Hasland: Remove sycamore tree as close to ground level as possible. Refused.

55 Chantrey Avenue, Newbold: Single-storey rear extension. Conditional permission;

176 Old Hall Road, Chesterfield: Removal of existing conservatory to the rear and construction on single storey kitchen/dining extension. Conditional permission;

3 Barley Lane, Holme Hall: Front extension. Conditional permission;

31 Hill View Road, Brimington: Single-storey front extension. Conditional permission;

The Britannia, 56 Old Hall Road, Chesterfield: Minor external alteration works comprising part build-up of external door opening to existing store at rear and installation of new PVCu casement window. Conditional permission;

18 Tollbridge Road, Woodthorpe: First-floor extension above garage at front and rear of property. Conditional permission;

Land between 16-18 Eyre Street East, Hasland: Residential development of one dwelling. Conditional permission;

19 Cromford Drive, Staveley: First-floor extension to the front elevation. Conditional permission;

59 Alexandra Road East, Chesterfield: Ground-floor extension to side elevation and hipped roof to gable at first-floor. Conditional permission;

15 Tunstall Way, Walton: Extension to front of house to create larger family/dining room and new access arrangement. Conditional permission;

The Walton Dam Nation, 5 Breckland Road, Walton: Change of service yard area located to the rear of 5 Breckland Road, to a fenced outdoor seating area with covered pergola. Conditional permission;

257 Hasland Road, Hasland: Two=storey rear extension with a flat roof and a two storey side extension for a garage with room above. Refused;

Lidl, Sheffield Road, Whittington Moor: Freestanding billboard to provide directions to the associated Lidl store. Conditional permission;

Land to north of Dunston Road, Chesterfield: Apartment block. Conditional permission;

18 Orchards Way, Walton: Two-storey rear extension and raised decking. Conditional permission;

9-21 Stephenson Place, Chesterfield: Conversion of offices above retail units to form seven residential apartments, one office unit and the amendment/replacement of existing rear windows. Conditional permission;

Pinewood Properties, 33 Holywell Street, Chesterfield: Increase window size to the shop front and form a new window opening to the eastern elevation. Conditional permission.

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Security fence bid for junior school

Pavilion and land off The Green adjacent district boundary track between The Green and Ingleton Road, Hasland: 2.4m-high security fence to the perimeter of the school playing field at Hasland Junior School;

Willow Heath, Palterton Lane, Sutton Scarsdale: Conservatory to side elevation and balcony to rear elevation;

5 Holbein Close, Dronfield: Two-storey side extension single storey rear extension;

Pine Lodge, Walton Back Lane, Walton: Single-storey front extension, enlarging of existing roof to create larger first-floor accommodation with and new dormers to side and rear, rear rear balcony and alterations to openings;

Walton House Farm, Matlock Road, Walton: Orangery to rear;

Orchard Croft, Brassington Lane, Old Tupton: Single-storey rear and side extension;

Mardon House, Holymoor Road, Holymoorside: Demolition and construction of replacement dwelling;

Site office, The Former Avenue Site, Derby Road, Wingerworth: Security fence and provide a storage area for works on the Country Park including the provision of storage of equipment for the sports pitches, nets, posts etc and maintenance equipment.

1 Cruck Close, Dronfield Woodhouse: Replacement boundary fence

Green light for holiday let plan for barn

16 Saddlers Croft, North Wingfield: Works to two oak trees. No objection;

135 North Wingfield Road, Grassmoor: Single-storey rear extension. Approved;

7 Drury Lane, Coal Aston: Single-storey rear extension. Approved;

79 Mansfield Road, Killamarsh: Single-storey rear extension. Approved;

Broadgorse Farm, Matlock Road, Walton: Agricultural hay and machinery store with access track. Prior approval not required

Syda House, Claypit Lane, Upper Loads, Holymoorside: Dormers to rear. Approved;

Greenhouse Farm, Coach Road, Overton: Change of use of agricultural building to two dwellings. Refused;

Renview, 40A Ridgeway Moor, Ridgeway: Pollarding of three trees. Conditional permission;

4 Stubley Croft, Dronfield Woodhouse: First-floor extension above existing garage with extension of existing pitched roof. Conditional permission;

85 Ashover Road, Old Tupton: Detached, timber-framed double garage. Withdrawn;

4 Holmesdale Close, Dronfield: Replacement of car port with single-storey side extension and alterations to rear openings. Conditional permission;

Brinslea, Chesterfield Road, Duckmanton: Alterations to front elevation including new windows. Conditional permission;

Bacons Springs Farm, Mill Lane, Clay Cross: Porch and new solid roof over existing conservatory. Conditional permission;

8 Cutler Close, Killamarsh: Single-storey rear extension. Conditional permission;

25 Rosebud Way, Holmew
ood: Single-storey extension to front and garage conversion to habitable accommodation. Conditional permission;

54 Snape Hill Crescent, Dronfield: Two-storey side and rear extension. Conditional permission;

36 Netherfields Crescent, Dronfield: Removal of existing garage and proposed two-storey side extension with single-storey extension to the rear and new porch. Conditional permission;

169 Holymoor Road, Holymoorside: Two-storey rear extension and conversion of garage to living accommodation. Conditional permission;

61 Cutthorpe Road, Cutthorpe: Single-storey side and rear extensions and loft conversion with front and rear dormer windows. Conditional permission;

28 Salisbury Avenue, Dronfield: Pitched roof over existing two-storey side extension. Conditional permission;

10A Upperthorpe Villas, Killamarsh: Two-storey rear extension to form annexe to house. Conditional permission;

25 Holmesdale Close, Dronfield: Crown clean and lift oak tree. Conditional permission;

21 Penny Engine Lane, Eckington: Demolition of existing conservatory to rear elevation and erection of replacement larger extension. Conditional permission;

Box Farm, Handley Lane, Handley, Clay Cross: Change of use from vacant barn into holiday let. Conditional permission;

Western Building, Chander Hill Lane, Chander Hill, Holymoorside: Glazed enclosed covered space to rear of property. Conditional permission;

Stretton Hall Farm, Newmarket Lane, Clay Cross: Extensions to existing farm shop to create covered area for customers. Conditional permission;

Animal Shelter, Hagg Hill, New Tupton: Change of use of land to equestrian use and the retention of field shelter. Conditional permission;

Land rear of 69 Rotherham Road, Killamarsh: Nine, low-energy, serviced house shells for completion by end user. Conditional permission.

Restaurant/cafes plan for pub

Land to the rear of 28-30 Victoria Road, Pinxton: Detached dwelling;

10 Helpston Close, Westhouses: Two-storey extension to the side;

19 Oak Tree Road, Clowne: First floor and two-storey side extension;

20 Turnley Road, South Normanton: Single-storey side extension;

201 Shuttlewood Road, Bolsover: Rear conservatory;

86 Skinner Street, Creswell: Two-storey and single-storey extension to side and single-storey extension to rear;

Land to south of Creswell Business Park, Colliery Road, Creswell: Proposed care home with associated gardens and car parking for six people with learning disabilities and autism;

The Plug And Feathers, The Hill, Glapwell: Change of use of the existing public house to food and drink/restaurant and cafes;

125 Welbeck Road, Bolsover: Demolition of exisiting double garage and store and erection of new garage block with store on first floor;

Land east of 26 Linden Road, Creswell: Single-storey dwelling with detached garage;

Holly House, Cracroft Lane, Scarcliffe: Continuation of boundary wall from existing wall to secure rear of property.

Hotel Van Dyk and land south of plantation on north side of Worksop Road, Clowne: Re-plan of plots 25-27 and 32 with the addition of five dwellings;

132 Wharf Road, Pinxton: Single and two-storey extension to the rear of the house, single-storey extension onto the existing detached, two-storey single roomed dwelling to create a self contained granny flat;

1 Court View, Clowne: Boundary wall with fence on top;

Garage block, Meadow Close, Tibshelf: Three-bedroom dormer bungalow with adjacent garage;

Lodge Farm, 126 Shuttlewood Road, Bolsover: Double garage.

Apartments plan for pub given go-ahead

Latest applications decided by Bolsover Council:

Plot 6 Castlewood Grange, Pinxton Lane, Fulwood: Two industrial units. No objections;

Hall Farm, Church Street, Alfreton: Photovoltaic solar park and associated infrastructure. No objections;

14 Duke Street, South Normanton: Detached, three-bedroom dwelling. Conditional permission;

31 High Street, Whitwell: Replacement of fascias, soffits, bargeboards, rainwater goods and some windows and doors. Conditional permission;

16 Church Street East, Pinxton: Wrap-around, single-storey extension to rear/side of dwelling and construction of detached car port, removal of garage building. Conditional permission;

29 Franklin Crescent, Whitwell: Garage to side. Conditional permission;

32 Welbeck Road, Bolsover: Conversion of public house into gymnasium/fitness centre on ground floor and single-bedroom flat above. Conditional permission;

Land adjacent 23 The Hamlet, South Normanton: Construction of detached dwelling. Conditional permission;

Land adjacent 18 Wilson Street, Pinxton: Detached dwelling. Conditional permission;

2 Church View, Clowne: Dropped kerb and new access to rear of garden and new hardstanding. Conditional permission;

Blackwell Miners’ Welfare Sports Ground, Primrose Hill, Blackwell: Residential development of two detached dwellings, four semi-detached dwellings and new vehicular access. Conditional permission;

Castle Hill Farm, Walls Lane, Whitwell Common: Stable block with cuploa and weather vane. Conditional permission;

4 High Street, Whitwell: Conversion of public house to form four apartments. Conditional permission.

Green light for glamping pods

31 The Knoll, Tansley: Single-storey rear extension. Conditional permission;

Cavendish Apartments car park and Rockside Hall communal garden, Wellington Street, Matlock: Fell three leylandii trees. Conditional permission;

Jasmine House, West End, Brassington: Dismantle Norway spruce tree t
o as near to ground level as practicably possible. Conditional permission;

Hillview, Mapleton Road, Mapleton: Fell silver birch tree. Conditional permission;

The Cedars, 7 Wirksworth Hall Gardens, Wirksworth: Works to trees. Conditional permission;

Carsington visitor centre, Carsington Water, Carsington: Two freestanding signs at entrance. Conditional permission;

Buxton House, Main Street, Kirk Ireton: Remove sycamore tree, Norway spruce and mixed hedge. Conditional permission;

Hillocks Farm, Main Street, Kniveton: Conservatory. Approved;

Matchbox Cottage, 59 West End, Wirksworth: Replacement windows and doors. Approved;

Greenbank Farm, Main Street, Roston: Conversion of existing garage and outbuilding to annexe. Conditional permission;

Town Head Cottage, Town Head, Ashbourne: Two-storey rear extension. Approved;

9 John Street, Matlock: Single-storey rear extension. Approved;

The Cottage, Common Side, Brailsford: Extension to garage to form car port. Approved;

2 Quixhill Close Ashbourne: Fell ash tree. Refused.

37A St John Street, Wirksworth: Rebuild gable end wall and internal cross wall, replacement of lintel and additional internal structural work. Conditional permission;

The Quarryman, 1 Market Place, Wirksworth: Replacement signage. Refused;

Agricultural land, Birch House Farm, Derby Lane, Ednaston: Roadside sign: Refused;

Land to the rear of 36 Windmill Lane, Ashbourne: Dwellinghouse and associated garage. Refused;

Lilac Cottage, St John Street, Wirksworth: Garage and workshop. Conditional permission;

Land at The Old Barn, Rise End, Middleton-by-Wirksworth: Dwellinghouse. Conditional permission;

Land between Old Hackney Lane and Hackney Road, Hackney: Two glamping pods with associated creation of ecological habitat areas. Conditional permission;

Brailsford North Farm, North Lane, Brailsford: Change of use and conversion of agricultural building to dwelling house and creation of associated parking area. Conditional permission.

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