Best Places to Bring Pets in Indianapolis


Image Credit: Pixabay

Indianapolis is an often underrated city, and as a result, many people don’t know much about it. One of the more interesting aspects of Indianapolis is how pet-friendly it is, being one of the most accommodating cities to pets. Not only does the city have a lot of areas where you and your pet can roam free, but many businesses and restaurants also allow and serve pets. So if you’re looking into buying one of the Indianapolis houses for sale and want a place to take your pet where should you go? Here are the best places to bring pets in Indianapolis. 

Petite Chou

Petite Chou is a French-inspired neighborhood restaurant bar, offering a wide array of classic comfort French dishes. The restaurant is often lauded as one of the best places to get French food not only in Indianapolis but the entire country. One of the best things about Petite Chou is that they welcome dogs. In fact, Petite Chou will provide your dog with its own water bowl and a specific menu of doggie treats. If you’re looking for a unique location that will not only welcome your dog, but go above and beyond in accommodating them, Petite Chou is the place to go. 

City Dogs Grocery

City Dogs Grocery is a truly unique location because as the name suggests, it is a grocery store catered towards dogs. Here you can find just about any type of name-brand dog food you can think of, allowing you to find your dog’s favorite foods. Outside of the top food brands, City Dogs Grocery also carries a slew of pet supplies that will aid in raising your pet. With a knowledgeable staff and a variety of great products, City Dogs Grocery is a fantastic place for all your pet needs. 

White River State Park

Home to more than 250 acres of open space, White River State Park is the perfect place for you and your pets to get out and enjoy nature. It can sometimes be hard to live in an urban area, often leaving you feeling trapped. Humans and pets can stand to benefit from getting some fresh air and exercise, escaping from the trappings of urban life. Additionally, White River State Park is home to a slew of attractions, meaning you and your companion will always have something to do while you enjoy the open space. 

Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery opened in 1989 with the mission to provide dogs with healthy and delicious treats. At the time of opening, Three Dog Bakery was one of the world’s first bakeries to open specifically to serve dogs. Here you can find all sorts of delicious homemade treats for your furry friend, including cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. If you want to reward your dog with some amazing specialty dog treats, take them to Three Dog Bakery.