12 Best Senior Travel Insurance Plans & Options

Are you a senior citizen who loves to travel? What are your best senior travel insurance options? Well, your age should only make your travel even more stress-free. And the following insurance options ensure that.

Travel insurance is essential for all travelers. That goes without saying! However, it is certainly more important for some people than for others.

For instance, for the senior generation, travel insurance is a must-have.


They are prone to more health issues than the younger generation, and anything might happen before or during the planned travel. For this reason, having the right travel insurance for seniors is paramount.

Also, hitting 65 doesn’t have to affect your love for travel. In fact, your travels should get even more exciting and stress-free.

The only question is; where do you get your senior travel insurance plan? And, what are the best senior travel insurance companies you can rely on? We’ll see that in a jiffy.

But before we do,

What Does Senior Travel Insurance Offer?

senior couple on a glacier

Travel, whether business or leisure, is prone to eventualities. And while it’s everyone’s hope to have the best trip or travel, sometimes things do happen.

Travel insurance is meant to cover any of the unplanned occurrences when planning for a trip. This way, you, your items, and your money are safe.

When picking a travel insurance policy, ensure that it covers the following;

1. Trip Cancellations

Sometimes, you cannot go for that trip, even after planning for it. Something just came up. This can be due to personal reasons or other unprecedented circumstances such as bad weather.

A travel insurance policy can help you get a refund in case the trip is canceled, or there is some trip interruption. This way, you don’t end up losing your money.

2. Baggage Loss or Damage

Your travel luggage is important to you. They contain all your essentials and valuables for the trip. Unfortunately, they are also prone to get lost or damaged, especially during flight or transit.

A good travel insurance policy will cover the loss or damage of your baggage and even replace them if need be. Whether a senior citizen or a young traveler, this will certainly offer some peace of mind.

3. Medical Emergencies

This is one of the most important reasons to have a travel insurance policy, especially for senior citizens.

No one knows when they might fall sick or get injured while on a trip. But with a good cover, you can be sure of getting the best medical attention, and you won’t have to worry about the bills.

Some travel insurance policies will also cover emergency medical evacuation in case you need to get back home urgently due to a health issue.

4. Pre-Existing Conditions

This is a common exclusion in many travel insurance policies. A pre-existing condition is any medical problem you had before buying the policy.

It could also be a new diagnosis made before or after booking your trip but before buying the policy.

Some of these conditions include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and pregnancy (in some cases).

If you have a pre-existing condition, it’s important that you disclose this to your insurer when getting travel health insurance. Some insurers might cover the condition while others won’t.

There are also those that will cover the condition but at an extra cost. It is important to read the fine print of any policy before buying.

5. Travel Advice and Emergency Assistance

Travel advice is another very important benefit of having a travel insurance policy, especially for senior citizens.

In case of an emergency, you will be able to contact your insurer, who will then provide the necessary assistance.

This could be in the form of legal advice, medical advice, or even evacuation services.

The best travel insurance companies will have a team of experts who are always on standby to offer assistance when needed.

Best Senior Travel Insurance Options

senior travel

Now that we know what to look for in a travel insurance cover, which are the best senior travel insurance companies to choose from.

1. InsureMyTrip

insuremytrip logo

Do you wish to travel confidently with zero worries? Who doesn’t!

In this case, InsureMyTrip is among your best bets. They have been in the business for over 20 years and have a good reputation.

The site offers a wide range of plans which gives you the freedom to choose what best suits your needs. And if you need help, their customer service is always ready and willing to assist.

Their insurance policies will cover the following;

  • Eligible medical expenses during the trip
  • Trip cancellations due to illnesses
  • Accommodation coverage – in case you get quarantined at your travel destination

So, are there any pre-paid or non-refundable travel costs you won’t want to lose? InsureMyTrip offers a solution.

Compare among hundreds of travel insurance covers from 23 providers, and choose your best fit.

2. Travelex

Travelex Insurance Logo

With Travelex, you are able to secure the most important part of your trip! They offer the peace of mind that everyone looks in a trip.

And, with several policy plans, every traveler, whether old or young, is sorted. Also, don’t mistake Travelex for the new firms joining the market. Travelex has been in this industry for over 25 years, doing what they do best – helping travelers dream, travel, and explore the world with confidence.

The firm was born in 1996 after Travelex acquired Omaha Companies’ travel insurance distribution services. Currently, it’s among the three top travel insurance firms in the US.

The firm’s vision is to be the traveler’s eyes as they explore the world fearlessly. It offers the support you need during any travel expeditions.

Some of their main benefits include;

  • Trip cancellation covers – protection when trips are canceled.
  • Trip delays – you get reimbursed for any unexpected expenses due to trip delays.
  • Baggage and personal effects – cover for lost, damaged, or stolen items during the trip.
  • 24-hour travel assistance – for both medical and concierge services.
  • Emergency medical coverage – covers against any unexpected sickness or injury.
  • Missed connection covers – if you miss a flight connection, Travelex covers the resulting expenses.

Other covers include accidental death and disbursement, primary coverage, and pre-existing conditions (when there is a waiver).

Like what you are hearing? Read more in our full Travelex insurance review.

3. AARDY Travel Insurance

AARDY logo

When searching for the best travel insurance plans and rates, AARDY is an excellent place to look. However, you need to note that AARDY isn’t an insurance firm rather a travel insurance marketplace or broker. And that’s even better.

AARDY offers the best platform to explore the various travel covers and plans offered in the market. This way, you can choose a plan that meets your travel needs, and that is within your budget.

AARDY works almost the same way as Amazon. Instead of browsing through hundreds of company websites, AARDY brings together all these websites under one platform. And, before this, they will have already done the comparison themselves, displaying only the best covers to you.

So, if you are looking for the best senior travel insurance plans, look no further. As they’ve put it, you’ll not get another better deal than the ones on AARDY.

Generally, the platform has partnered with numerous travel insurance providers. And by doing so, they ensure that you get the best state-approved rates.

The one thing that I love about AARDY is that you also get to see numerous reviews from previous travelers. This way, you know what to expect, even before seeking their services.  

Like what you are hearing? Read more in our full AARDY travel insurance review.

4. TravelInsurance.com

TravelInsurance.com Logo

Who doesn’t want some peace of mind during travel? Everyone does! And finding the best senior travel insurance is what every senior traveler needs.

Like AARDY, TravelInsurance.com is another travel insurance marketplace that you can rely on. Here, you get to compare all the plans you’ve thought of from different providers and settle for the one that suits you best.

The platform makes traveling easy and peaceful. And, the process of getting your cover is also as easy. You can compare numerous top travel insurance providers, buy the plan online, and travel with ease.

The best thing is that you get to choose from the lowest prices in the market. And these prices are guaranteed and regulated by law. Even better, COVID-19 is now covered in most of the suggested plans.

Some of the companies included on TravelInsurance.com’s database include:

  • Travelex
  • Global Trip Protection
  • AIG
  • Generali Global Assistance
  • GoReady

You can get your senior travel insurance plan in these four easy steps;

  • Fill in your details in the quote form
  • Receive various quotes from the best travel insurance companies
  • Compare these plans, prices, and their benefits
  • Make your purchase online and get instant cover

The platform guarantees unbiased comparisons, best prices, and easy cover purchase. You can get a full review of TravelInsurance.com if you’d like to learn more.

5. World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads Logo Transparent

Why travel with so much baggage in your mind about what might or might not go wrong with your trip? Why not let go and enjoy your trip knowing that someone has got your back?

Well, the truth is, eventualities do occur during travels. And when they do, you better be prepared. World Nomads Travel Insurance guarantees peace of mind during your trip, allowing you to enjoy every bit of it.

Whether traveling alone or as a family, this is one of the best senior travel insurance firms. And, it surely holds your hand throughout your entire trip.

So, whether there is a medical emergency, trip cancelation, or trip delay issues, you are all sorted. As it was made for travelers by travelers, this firm ensures that all your trip essentials are covered.

Even better, even when you travel without the cover, you can still buy it midway through your trip. The company gives you the option to buy the cover from home or during your trip. Additionally, you can make any claim online and get it sorted.

World Nomads Travel Insurance offers coverage for things like;

  • Trip cancellations
  • Unexpected medical expenses
  • Luggage and gear protection
  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Assault
  • Terrorism

Also, depending on the cover you choose, the company covers any fun activity during your trip. This might include scuba diving, skiing, mountain biking, surfing, and bungee jumping.

Their covers allow you to fully enjoy your travel. Get a full review of World Nomads Travel Insurance to learn more about how it works.

6. AIG Travel Guard

Travel Guard Logo

Finding good travel insurance for retirees can sometimes be challenging. However, AIG Travel Guard ensures that our senior generation can travel without worry. After working hard for so many years, it’s only fair to get a chance to travel, explore, and experience the coolness of life, worry-free.

With AIG’s Travel Guard travel insurance, all this is possible. Whether on a solo trip or traveling with your family, AIG doesn’t discriminate. And, it offers policy plans for almost every type of travel.

Whether you want a short two days getaway, a two weeks vacation abroad, or even a cruise tour, Travel Guard has your back. All you need to do is choose the best policy plan for you, and you are good to go.

Some of the benefits that come with AIG senior travel insurance covers include:

  • Lost or damaged luggage
  • Handling flight or trip cancellations
  • Medical insurance
  • medical evacuation coverage

The best thing is that AIG personnel is ready for you any time of the day, 24 days a week. Also, it doesn’t matter the part of the globe you are taking your tour. The firm will still be there for you.

7. AXA Travel Insurance

AXA Travel Insurance

This is another great travel insurance company that you can consider. Even better, senior citizens are not left out in AXA Travel Insurance covers.

Generally, AXA offers three major plans. These include silver, gold, and platinum plans. With these plans, everyone is considered.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a family, your needs are included in these plans. And they had your budget in mind when coming up with the covers. For instance, all the policy plans offer 100% cost protection against trip cancellation or interruption.

As for other benefits, each is determined by the type of cover. These include;

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Medical expenses (sickness or accident)
  • Other evacuation emergencies
  • Baggage loss or damage
  • Activities and sports
  • Generous missed connection coverage
  • Death and disbursement

So, why choose AXA Travel Insurance over other providers?

  • Concierge services – 24/7
  • The largest international network
  • Has been ranked number one global insurance brand by INTERBRAND for 10 years in a row

In addition, you get some of the best travel tips from their site. It’s an all-around travel insurance and travel assistance firm.

8. Just Travel Cover

Just Travel Cover logo

With Just Travel Cover, age is not a limit. And pre-existing medical conditions are not a hindrance for you getting a travel cover. For this reason, if you are elderly with some pre-existing condition, Just Travel Cover makes your every trip worth it.

Just Travel Cover is not an insurance cover provider itself. However, it gives you the best chance to identify the ideal travel insurance providers. The travel policies on this platform ensure that anyone, whether a teen or senior citizen, can get as care-free travel as possible.

Additionally, it offers covers for any type of travel. So, if you want a one-week tour in the Caribbean or a cruise around our beautiful planet, Just Travel Cover has a solution.

By partnering with some of the world’s top travel insurance providers, the platform ensures that everyone’s travel needs are sorted. You might be 20 or 85 years old, but the travel experience doesn’t change with age. Wherever your heart wants to go, having a cover from Just Travel Cover ensures it happens.

Here, you’ll get travel covers for;

  • Single trips
  • Annual multiple trips
  • Cruise travel
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Luggage loss and damage

And, you get to compare over 62 cover plans and prices from top-rated travel insurance companies.

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9. Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance Logo

If you want to travel safely, travel insurance is paramount. It helps to guarantee your security and that of your luggage and gives you the calmness to enjoy every day of your trip.

Allianz is one of the world’s top travel insurance providers. It covers both local and international travel expeditions, including cruises. This wide coverage ensures that you can travel to any travel destination, engage in almost any type of fun activity, and stay for as long as you want without worry.

The insurance plans here will cover issues with;

  • Trip cancellation
  • Rental cars
  • Medical emergencies
  • Change fees
  • Lost baggage

And for your peace of mind, the company is legit, and it’s underwritten by Jefferson Insurance Company and BCS Insurance Company, which have A+ and A- ratings consecutively. Allianz is also rated A+ by BBB.

Even better, the company’s coverage now includes the Epidemic Coverage Endorsement. This covers some of the COVID-19 related expenses and inconveniences.

And like that’s not enough, Allianz also has a mobile app – Allianz TravelSmart App. The app is designed to make your travel effortless, right from the planning stage to maneuvering through your trip.

It gives you crucial safety updates and even helps you avoid traffic.

10. TravelSafe Travel Insurance

TravelSafe Insurance logo

Like many other travel insurance companies on this list, TravelSafe is meant to help you have the best travel experience. Remember, the fun starts in your mind. And, if you are bothered during the trip, you’ll most probably not enjoy it to the fullest.

When looking for the best travel insurance for seniors, this company wouldn’t miss the list. Firstly, it offers various plans catering to all kinds of travelers. And secondly, it is legit, with a BBB rating of A+.

Established in 1971, TravelSafe is among the oldest travel insurance companies in the US. And over the years, it has evaluated and learned the travel market, crafting the best travel insurance for seniors and any other traveler.  

So, when we say you are in the right hands with TravelSafe, it’s only the truth.

The company offers covers for three types of individuals including;

  • Travelers – allowing you to get a cover in just 5 minutes
  • Pros – this is for travel agents who wish to help their customers get more secure travel
  • Golfers – a product made specifically for golfers and all their unique travel needs

No, matter the category you fall under, your travel is safe and worry-free with TravelSafe.

11. SquareMouth Travel Insurance

Squaremouth insurance logo

SquareMouth Travel Insurance is another travel insurance broker that helps you compare hundreds of policies and plans from various providers.

With 99 plans from 22 insurance providers to choose from, you surely can’t lack one that matches your travel needs. Even better, the site features numerous customer reviews, helping you to learn from previous travelers.

All you need here is to enter your travel details, including your travel destination and travel dates. After this, the site goes through numerous offerings from top brands to display the best policy covers matching your travel needs.

With SquareMouth Travel Insurance, you can choose from;

  • Standard single trip plans
  • Annual or multi-trip covers
  • Adventure and sports covers
  • Cruise insurance plans

Their comparison engine is fast, allowing you to receive quotes from the best companies and buy a cover in just minutes. Also, the site’s assistance desk is always available 24 hours a day. This means that no matter the time of the day, your emergency will be handled promptly.

12. IMG Travel Insurance

IMG logo

If you are a senior traveler over 65 years, you need IMG to have your back. While it appears last on our list, it’s in no way the least desirable travel insurance provider.

The company has specially tailored two GlobeHopper Senior covers, offering affordable travel medical insurance plans for seniors. These two plans help to bridge the wide gap present in senior travel insurance. The plans include;

  • GlobeHopper Senior Single-Trip – for single trips lasting between 5 days and 12 months.
  • GlobeHopper Senior Multi-Trip – for frequent senior travelers who don’t want to keep purchasing a new cover whenever they want to travel.

These plans help seniors meet their international travel insurance needs and ease their travel burden. They are made to cater to;

And lastly, IMG has customer service reps that are ready for you any time of the day or night.

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